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PR Trends That Will Shape the Landscape in 2018

As the media landscape evolves, PR agencies are faced with two choices: adapt or surrender to irrelevance. The age of drafting and pitching press releases to the media is long gone. You won’t be able to garner much traction or press for your clients that way. Instead, PR agencies are charged with expanding their focus […]

Communication without direction has no purpose

There are reasons why sayings in English vernacular like “walking around in circles” and “talking around the point” exist. It is because these two activities are popular with the indecisive. Every brand has a story to share and if you are not 100 percent sure what that story is , you better get cracking and […]

One fart in the breeze please

In today’s version of the South African business space I can appreciate times are tough and people tighten belts. But we know the best money spent is money invested, because it grows success and legacy. It’s seeing your little company seedling grow into a great tree which will bear the fruits of boundless opportunity which […]

The best ways to avoid risk when renting

No rental agreement is without risk; however, this does not mean that rentals do not offer lucrative opportunities for all parties involved. According to Stefan du Plessis, managing member at Rent Protect, a niche product provider that offers protection on rental income, there are certain best practice principles that help all parties avoid the typical […]

Visa Changes for South African Nationals

I hope you are keeping well. Please note this important announcement from the New Zealand Immigration office. “Visa changes for South African nationals”. Essentially, from the 21 November this year all South African nationals will need to apply for a visitor visa to travel to New Zealand. Please Note:  On and after the 21 November […]

The Zone @ Rosebank encourages children’s art for charitable cause

Johannesburg, Dec, 2016 – The Zone @ Rosebank, one of South Africa’s premium shopping and lifestyle centres, started a charitable project that would not only showcase the artistic talent of our community’s youth, but would also benefit The Smile Foundation, a non-profit organisation (NPO) that improves the lives of children with facial impairments. The Art […]

The perplexing psychology of “death by tweet”

No South African media week is complete without a Twitter fueled ruckus that becomes politicised through media sensation. Yet again, the rest of the Twittersphere looks on as history repeats itself, another reputable professional has gone down in a blaze of fury over a poor tweet. The fact of the matter is that negative tweets […]

SEMSEYE – A solution for brands and retailers

SEMSEYE provides an integrated hardware, software and analytics solution to accurately count people. In January 2016, Black Snow Connect became the principal reseller of SEMSEYE Solution for South Africa. At an international event (Challenge up), SEMSEYE took centre stage alongside global brand partners Cisco, Google, Intel and Deutsche Telekom. SEMSEYE, dubbed “Google Analytics” for retailers […]

South Africans demand good service no matter the cost

Some things change and some things don’t. Last year taught us the Rand won’t be holding sway against the other major currencies any time soon, and Zuma won’t really be inspiring any form of confidence locally or abroad. However one thing has remained the same, South Africans want good service no matter the cost. Let’s use the […]

The impact of going the extra mile

When last can you say customer service went the extra mile for you? It’s a sad truth that in this modern, digital era, more people have forgotten what it means to put the extra effort in. We’ve lost the connection to people and it’s rare that we find individuals in business that truly care. However, having a gooey […]