Public Relations Strategy

Communication without direction has no purpose

There are reasons why sayings in English vernacular like “walking around in circles” and “talking around the point” exist. It is because these two activities are popular with the indecisive. Every brand has a story to share and if you are not 100 percent sure what that story is , you better get cracking and find out because the key messages you want to communicate to  your target audiences comes from your brand’s legacy and core values.

The core message you to decide to communicate needs to push your business’ key objectives. If you wish to promote your business on innovative mobile technology, don’t send out a press release on fax machines and beepers. Some say this is an extreme example, but what happens when the choices are more subtle?  For instance, ‘We are a great company to work for!’ vs. ‘We are a good company to work for!’ Words can impart meanings that may be similar but are fundamentally different.

Without direction, molding your communications to meet your business objectives, your message has no purpose; no value will come from it as it will not contribute to the bigger picture your company has been working towards.

Some tips on getting some direction:

  1. All your internal and external communications need to reflect your company’s objectives
  2. Talk about your core message to anyone who will listen
  3. Make sure you repeat yourself – repetition promotes recall
  4. Never deviate from the script – you will deviate from your brand
  5. Make sure everyone in your company is singing from the same hymn sheet – that way you know they are going in the right direction

Is your staff uncertain of what they can say about your business? Is your business being promoted incorrectly by your employees? If so, give us a call and we will get all your ducks in a row.