Extramarks Exhibits

Extramarks Exhibits At The Digital Education Show Africa 2015

Extramarks Education, a 360° digital learning solutions provider catering for comprehensive digital learning content for grades R to 12, exhibited its offerings at the “Digital Education Show Africa 2015”. The event was held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 6-7 October.

The conference provided a showcase platform for prestigious digital learning innovators from across the world. Attendees were introduced to high-end technological solutions for the education sector.

Mr. Karunn Kandoi, President at the International Business & Strategic Initiatives at Extramarks Education, focused on personalised learning. Mr. Tanay Kumar, South Africa Business Head, then demonstrated anytime-anywhere learning through Extramarks’ solutions.

“Personalisation of learning” jargon was demystified by showcasing Extramarks’ content and its pedigree. While the uniqueness of students owing to different intrinsic tendencies and personalities is the biggest impediment to traditional learning, the same is encountered in most of the modern digital learning solutions. The majority of digital education providers resort to different product designs for personality variations which can lead to inflated prices. Extramarks Education reaches out to different learners with the same offerings but packaged differently. The concepts are presented carefully in a number of ways, designed to ensure meeting of varied learner needs.

The speakers placed emphasis on scalability in quality education as a unique selling point (USP). With high technological expertise, academic experience and a deep understanding of psycho-social aspects of learning, the company is successfully able to facilitate world class education offerings at a comparatively lower price.

The after-school assessment model, including Smart Study Pack, Smart Study Tab and Smart Study App, is a guide for learners studying at their pace. Students herein plan their own schedules and study independently. This model can also be supplemented by mentor intervention.

Mentioning the after-school model, the delegates emphasised the need to break the constraints of physical proximity in learning. A big proponent of Asynchronous Learning, Extramarks Smart Study Packs and App are bound by the minimal requirement of access to the Internet. Smart Study Tabs have embedded content and offer 100% anytime-anywhere learning.

The delegates presented various features like adaptive software enabling a student to learn at convenient times. Another feature of its content is quality hardware to ensure uninterrupted learner attention. Also, Extramarks usage of text, audio-video, animations etc. compensates for the physical absence of an instructor. Fragmented into very small bits, the lessons can match themselves with different learner attention spans.