One fart in the breeze please

In today’s version of the South African business space I can appreciate times are tough and people tighten belts. But we know the best money spent is money invested, because it grows success and legacy. It’s seeing your little company seedling grow into a great tree which will bear the fruits of boundless opportunity which will lead to biographies and guest spots on TED Talks.

The challenge is that when it comes to communications, a shot in the dark is a fart in the breeze. Often we get requests for quotes on once-off press releases or ‘ad hoc’ PR services. While I can appreciate businesses are exploring different below-the-line marketing strategies, I often feel disappointed that they will not get to see the true triumphs clever PR can afford their brand’s reputation.

When it comes to messaging, PR tends to run more qualitative then quantitative. The reality check is that if your business sends out media alerts one to three times year, they will never get noticed much less published. Want to know why?

  1. The press might know of you – but they don’t know you

You’ve noticed your competitor in the news regularly and think it’s perhaps time you started playing on the same field. Good plan, but what you don’t realise is that behind that competitor’s media visibility, has been a dedicated PR professional who has been calling, pitching, meeting newsroom deadlines, sourcing imagery and sharing applied research to get their client in the press. There has been a concerted effort to build a relationship with that journalist for the past three months at least. PR’s hard work has paid off and your competitor is reaping the benefits.


  1. Colloquial wisdom rings true – especially when it comes to the press
  • A shot in the dark – or ‘ad hoc’ as I like to call it, is basically blindly firing off bullets with no sustained plan. It rarely reaps any reward
  • If a tree falls down in the woods and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? The journalist you have decided to directly email (to save on money) has never met you, doesn’t know your business, and has over 300 unread mails in their inbox, so unless you work for NASA or The Queen, the chances are that if your story does not directly relate to headline news, they won’t read it. So if no one opens your email and reads it, does it exist?
  • A fart in the breeze – a small insignificant little poof in a wave of information and repetition. Your message has been whispered once, your brand has been drowned out by your competitor’s South Wester.

Why bother then? Simple, bother because your brand has something to say, an achievement has been made, a service, or product improved and there’s potential. Where there’s one happy customer, there’s more. PR offers you a far more trusted and reliable source of content share because a journalist has selected your story out of 299 others because they know you have something important to say. You are not the fart, you are the breeze!

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