Our PR Approach

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    Black Snow Public Relations is a South African based PR company that helps businesses make the most of their brand. Our clients range from national and international businesses that keep coming back for creative, targeted and effective PR and communications strategies.

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    Our PR agency, will work tirelessly to enhance your profile and reputation through cost-effective, eye-catching and engaging PR activities in the digital world and in the traditional media space.

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    Whether it’s a once-off awareness campaign or a long-term brand development strategy, our approach is results-driven and combines intelligent reporting and service diligence. We make it our PR company’s mandate to ensure we deliver a clear return on investment for every client, and this is reflected by our customer loyalty and retention.

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    Whether starting from scratch or hitting the ground running, we listen, advise and deliver results that get our client’s noticed, respected and rewarded.

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    We deliver all the services you would expect from a PR company in South Africa but also can provide a portfolio of bespoke diagnostic and PR planning tools.Whatever the scale or complexity of your requirements we can help.