PR Trends That Will Shape the Landscape in 2018

As the media landscape evolves, PR agencies are faced with two choices: adapt or surrender to irrelevance. The age of drafting and pitching press releases to the media is long gone. You won’t be able to garner much traction or press for your clients that way.

Instead, PR agencies are charged with expanding their focus to other platforms, and building relationships with the media in an ever-evolving digital and social landscape. As with every discipline in the marketing and advertising industry, trends come and go.

It’s both worth it and essential to stay on top of these trends if you wish to remain relevant and valuable to your clients. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that will shape the PR landscape in 2018.

Content Is Still King

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the reign of content as the king of PR. Good content that adds value plays a crucial role in determining whether your client’s business or brand builds visibility with their audience.

As the media landscape continues to change and grow, more brands have ventured into cultivating their online presence through websites, along with popular social media platforms. 2018 is set to see interactive content such as videos, gifs and other engaging posts remain vital in creating brand identity within an organisation.

These integrated communications strategies are gaining tract with brands across the economy. More and more clients are approaching agencies for a full spectrum of services, requesting PR, social media and digital services in a single brief. This is happening because the media landscape and consumer mind set continues to evolve.

Influencer Marketing Remains Relevant

Despite recent scandals in fake social media influencers being exposed, at its core, influencer marketing still presents a valuable way for brands to stamp their impact on cultural trends.

In the past, influencers didn’t foster long-term relationships with the brands they worked with. They would just post once or twice across their social media platforms, then swiftly move on. 2018, however, will see influencer marketing crossing over to public relations. PR practitioners will have to progressively work with influencers to develop deep rooted relationships with brands.

Thought Leadership Is Still Leading the Way

Thought leadership pieces have long held an important place in business. An expert’s opinion is always valued in the media landscape. Sectors across the economy are always on the lookout for knowledgeable thought leaders to provide originality to their articles.

While traditional thought leadership pieces were penned by people holding senior positions in their industries, think CEOs and COOs, in 2018, this will change. The media always appreciates profound and personable opinions from anywhere in businesses, which means thought leadership pieces won’t necessarily have to come from the traditional leaders in industry.