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How the wrong spokesperson can undermine your PR campaign

Public Relations professionals face increasing pressure from clients to deliver attention grabbing campaigns that show a good return on investment. However, the most well executed PR campaign can be undermined if the wrong spokesperson is selected to represent the brand.

One of the most frustrating things for a PR practitioner is when a company spokesperson lacks the skills and charisma to properly engage with media. A lack of media-savvy can be detrimental to a brand because awkward and unclear message positioning dilutes campaign credibility which decreases the impact of the campaign.

Let’s create a scenario with a pretend client in the insurance space, the topics devised for the spokesperson are interesting, thought-provoking, on-trend and always generate media interest. However, if this spokesperson refuses media interview requests, especially in the broadcast space, it leads to a frustrated PR agency because the impact is two fold. Deliverables become skewed and the “client” is actually damaging their brand in the long run.

At Black Snow Public Relations, one of our first recommendations to clients wishing to embark on a publicity campaign is to ensure that the company or organisation has the right face and voice to fully support the brand. Once the spokesperson has been chosen, media training is an imperative. Media training helps a spokesperson understand the inner workings of the media, identify and accurately convey key messages, and they learn how to respond to crises or tricky media queries.

The right spokesperson for your brand? They have the right level of knowledge and expertise, a strong personality and sufficient dynamism to credibly convey the defining characteristics the brand embodies. People identify with brands – and people that are warm, engaging, caring and confident.

At the end of the day, communication is all about conveying a message to an audience. Knowing exactly who the audiences are, and identifying the key objectives, messages and strategic tactics are essential elements to any PR campaign. However, selecting the right person to convey these messages concisely and correctly can ultimately make or break a PR campaign.

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